Mission Statement

9. July21 (EG)

Our Mission

On launching the Wild Ride, the organisers clearly defined their objectives in the creation of this unique event. Whilst providing a fun adventure for the participants in a truly magnificent part of the world, the desire to give back to the peoples of the Wild Coast was entrenched from the beginning.

In creating this eco-adventure event, the purpose is three-fold:

  1. To responsibly organise an eco-adventure sporting event that will attract the interest of local and international competitors, bringing this multi-disciplined challenge within reasonable reach of all levels of athlete.
  2. To initiate, through associated sponsorship and media interest, a fund to promote education, conservation and tourism of this ecologically-sensitive coastline.
  3. To develop, by co-involving the local population, improved awareness of the natural assets of the Wild Coast and a strong interest in its preservation.