Entry Information


Entry Information

Entries for the Wild Ride are limited to 100 teams (of 2 riders) ie: two hundred participants in total. The event is split into two start waves of fifty teams each, over two consecutive start days.

Event Format

The first start is the more competitive event from which the race winners are determined. The second start is run on a tour format and is not timed.

  • Event 1: x50 (2-man) teams.
  • Event 2: x50 (2-man) teams.

Entry Process

  1. The entry application process for the 2024 NUVO® Wild Ride opens on 16 October 2023.
  2. Participants from the previous year (current teams) have first option to submit an entry application. In the case of split teams, only one entry is allocated.
  3. New teams wishing to submit an entry application may do so by clicking on the ‘Enter Here’ tab on the homepage.
  4. Successful teams will receive an Entry Confirmation within two weeks of submitting the Entry Application, at which point the entry fee is payable.
  5. Unsuccessful teams have the option to be placed on the ‘Standby List’ (see description below).
  6. The final option for an entry would be for teams that are forced to withdraw in the final few weeks before the event. For this there is the ‘standby list’. Teams on this list need to be available to accept an entry at short notice.
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Entry Fee

Entry Fee @ R22977 (incl. VAT) [2024 Rate] / team includes:
– 3 nights’ accommodation at Kob Inn, The Haven and Ocean View (Coffee Bay).
– Welcome dinner at registration (Morgan Bay Hotel).
– Sunrise breakfast on race day morning.
– All meals between the start and finish.
– Back-up service (no seconds are permitted, all luggage to be transported by the race vehicles).
– Bike wash facilities.
– Medical cover (evacuation in the case of emergency).
– Reserve permits.
– Ferry fees for major river crossings (day 4).
– Participant handouts.
– A donation to WREC (Wild Ride Education Company).

Entry fee excludes:
– Accommodation the night before the race starts (Morgan Bay)
– Accommodation the night of the last day (Umngazi River Bungalows)
– Travel to the start and home from the finish (transfer options available)
– Spending money during the event (drinks at the pub)

Logistics & Planning

The race entry fee includes accommodation between the start line and the finish line. The nights either side need to be booked by the participants. Morgan Bay is the official hotel for race registration in Morgan Bay whilst Umngazi River Bungalows hosts the finish venue.
See accommodation options and contact details herewith.

Transfers & Logistics
The Wild Ride does involve a fair amount of planning and logistics, being an A to B type stage race. There are various options available:

  1. Fly into and out of East London. Transfers are available (see below).
  2. Drive your vehicle to the start and book a vehicle transfer to get your vehicle to the finish.
  3. Umtata is the nearest airport to Umngazi (finish) but flights are limited (suitable if returning to Jhb.)


Transfer Options:

  1. INCOMING: Transfer from East London airport to Morgan Bay. Transfer departure times are geared to suit incoming flight arrival times. Travel time approximately one hour thirty minutes. Cost per person is approximately R540 [2023 rates] (incl. bicycle).
  2. OUTGOING: Transfer from Umngazi River Bungalows to East London airport. Allow for five hours return time when booking your return flight (do not book a return flight earlier than 13h00). Cost per person is approximately R1250 [2023 rates] (incl. bicycle).
  3. VEHICLE TRANSFERS: leave your vehicle parked at Morgan Bay Hotel. A school in East London gets the parents involved to drive the vehicles to the finish at Umngazi where they are parked securely until your arrival at the finish. This works well as a fundraising opportunity for the school whilst giving vehicle owners peace of mind that their vehicle is being driven safely and responsibly. Cost per vehicle R1650 [2023 rate].


Bicycle Courier:
Due to the smaller flights arriving in East London, it is advised that participants travelling from Cape Town and Johannesburg make use of the bike courier option. Bikes are collected from a suitable venue and delivered to Morgan Bay Hotel (before you arrive for registration) and then collected from the finish at Umngazi and returned to the same venue it was collected from.
Details available once entries have been confirmed.

Definition of Terms

Current Teams: Participants from the previous year’s event. Current teams who are successful in securing an entry will need to make payment within two weeks of receiving the Entry Confirmation. Teams not paying in due time will forfeit their entry to the standby list. Please note: no reminders will be sent, no excuses will be tolerated! However, teams needing assistance with the entry fee payment may appeal to the event organisers.

The ‘Standby List’: Current teams who are unsuccessful in obtaining an entry will be placed on a ‘standby list’ to fill any confirmed teams who are forced to withdraw. Teams will be allowed two weeks from the time of receiving an Entry Confirmation, to make full payment for the entry.

The ‘Short List’: Any team vacancies from the 1 June will only be open to teams who have indicated they are willing and able to commit to the event at short notice, i.e.: 6 weeks or less before the event! In some cases this has been the day before!

Terms & Conditions

We regret to have to request that teams participating in Event 1 will be unable to stay on at Umngazi River Bungalows at the finish for a second night. This is due to limited accommodation available at Umngazi and space is required for Event 2 finishing the next day.

There is NO TIMING (ie: no results) for teams participating in Event 2. This is considered a fun event and taking the stop-watch away is really what it’s all about! If you want to be timed, enter Event 1 (“Race the Tide”).

REFUNDS: Refunds may be approved up until within 2 months of the event date, with a 10% cancellation fee – depending on whether the team can be filled. No refunds will be granted with less than a month before the event date, unless a replacement team is secured (either by the team withdrawing / the organiser finding a replacement team). The 10% cancellation fee applies. Should no replacement be found, the team will forfeit their entry fee. Entry fees will not be carried forward to the next year.

SUBSTITUTIONS: Teams may need to substitute a rider. Substitutions are charged at R575 (R500 plus VAT) per rider change. Substitutions need to be directed through the race office by sending an email to wildride@saol.com