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The Wild Ride was founded by ‘the farmers’ – Steve Stamp and Glen Haw and is a family run event. Steve’s sister – Rebecca van der Linde, handles the admin, entries and organisation for the Wild Ride.

The farmers’ wives; Shan & Mandy, have been an integral part of the event over the years and have fondly become known as the respective ‘mothers’ (of the two events) as they handle the very important aspect of rooming for the race. As well as being the smiling faces that greet each and every rider as they arrive at the finish each day.

More recently, the ‘next generation’ has started to appear on the main stage, with the Stamps Junior – Damon & Cassandra, stepping into the management positions of the first event. Cass has added her creative flair to the design side and participant handouts.

Glen & Mandy, well known in cycling circles from the sani2c and joBerg2c, run the second event with help from their off-spring and are fantastic hosts for those participating in the non-timed event.

Aside from the core management teams, the Wild Ride has enjoyed long-standing relationships with our loyal suppliers over the years, who come back year after year for their annual ‘wild coast fix’ and catch-up with the regulars. Of course, all whilst performing the important roles of TV crew, photographers, drivers, medics, IT and branding staff.


NUVO® Wild Ride / Ride Wild Tours
Rebecca van der Linde
082 776 0435

Wild Ride Education Company
Michael Clark
083 600 3211

The farmers are un-contactable! You can catch up with them during the event.